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Sea Fishing Bait – Natural Baits – Fishing with Lugworms


The Best Natural Sea Fishing Baits To Use Lugworms The yellowtail lugworm is highly favored by sea anglers as it is a natural sea fishing bait. The name yellowtail derives from the fact that once handled, the worm emits a yellow iodine liquid, which will stain the angler’s hand. The black lugworm is so named …

Best Braided Fishing Line or Monofilament Fishing Line?

Fishing rod and Reel

Monofilament fishing line or braided fishing line? Should I use a monofilament or a braided fishing line? This question will have to be dealt with sooner or later within your fishing career. The decision monofilament vs. braided fishing line, however, also depends on the environment, target fish and fishing method. In recent years, we have gained a lot …

Atlantic salmon – Information, Habitat and Feeding Habits

Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon Recognition For many freshwater game anglers the Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, is the greatest prize of all. Fresh in from the tide it is a magnificent fish. Bright silver flanks, occasionally flushed with a tinge of purple, are contrasted by a dark steely black. The body is muscular and streamlined, with the tail …