Wicked Tuna Season 9, Episode 2 | Full Episode In English

Watch the latest episodes of wicked tuna season 9 right here. The competition heats up as the original Gloucester captains realize the newcomers mean business. When the new boats decide to team up and work together to get ahead in the game, the veterans start to feel the pressure of defending their home turf. As …

Wicked Tuna Season 9, Episode 1 | Full Episode In English

wicked tuna season 1 episode 1

Watch the latest episodes of wicked tuna season 9 right here. The Gloucester elite get challenged by new fishermen. Captain Bob Cook and his crew on Fat Tuna vow to dethrone reigning champion Dave Carraro on FV-Tuna.Com. Tyler on Pinwheel faces off with Krakens Captain Sam Law, while Hot Tuna is the target of Wasabi …

River Monsters S09E05 Volcanic Island Terror Full Episode HD

episode 5

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters Season 9 Episode 5 On a volcanic island in the Pacific, terror grips a fishing community when something in the water leaves a trail of bloody victims in its wake; the only clues they have to the attacker’s identity are the large puncture wounds it left behind.

River Monsters S09E03, Coral Reef Killer | Full Episode HD

Episode 3

Jeremy Wades River Monsters Season 9 Episode 3 On the tropical island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, a tourist snorkeler and several local fishermen have been killed and injured by a mysterious sea creature that impales its victims; Wade travels to the scene to investigate.  

River Monsters S09E02 Ice Cold Killer | Full Episode HD

episode 2

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters Season 9 Episode 2 Traveling from London to Greenland and on to Norway, Wade follows the trail of an unknown sea monster; fishing through ice to extreme depths, he attempts to reel in this monster before the full fury of an Arctic storm hits.

River Monsters S09E01 Killers From the Abyss | Full Episode

episode 1

River monsters season 9 episode 1. Full episode in HD Wade takes on the biggest investigation of his career — to unravel what happened to over 1,000 passengers of the RMS Laconia, torpedoed in the mid-Atlantic; he travels the globe, battling giant fish, massive sharks and a deep-sea monster.    

Jeremy Wades Dark Waters Season 1, Episode 8, South Africa’s Legendary Beast

jeremy wade

Jeremy Wades Dark Waters S01E08 South Africas Legendary Beast HD Episode Summary: Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to South Africa, in search of some of the world’s most unusual fish. Dark Waters Episode 1 Dark Waters Episode 2 Dark Waters Episode 3 Dark Waters Episode 4 Dark Waters Episode 5 Dark Waters Episode 6 …